Meet The Problem…

You want to put videos on your website, but you don’t want to use video sharing sites. In a nutshell, you have two choices.

First is the do-it-yourself way, where you’ll save a ton of money but gain a ton of headaches. You have to learn how to prepare your videos for the web, how to host your videos, how to configure video players, how to make your videos playable on mobile devices and…well the list goes on. It’s enough to stop most people dead in their tracks.

The second choice is online video platforms. With these platforms you just upload your videos and they do all the work for you. In a couple of clicks, you’ve got video on your website.

But the problem is they are expensive, usually 5 times the cost of “doing it yourself”. And you have no control over your own videos. If you stop paying them or violate their terms of service…poof…your videos will be gone.

Meet The Solution…

It’s called Video Rebel. And it gives you all of the simplicity, ease of use and automation of an online video platform, while also giving you the low cost and total control of doing-it-yourself.

With Video Rebel, you don’t need to worry about the technical stuff. You just upload your videos and it does all the work for you. In a couple of clicks you’ve got video on your website.

Except you don’t pay any monthly fees to use Video Rebel. It installs and runs on your own website. You own it and you control it. And you have total control over your own videos too. That’s because with Video Rebel, your videos can be hosted on your Amazon S3 account, your web server or any content delivery network of your choosing.

Plus, Video Rebel automatically makes your videos playable on both the web and mobile devices, gives you outstanding video quality, the ability to integrate video analytics, customize video players and much more.

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Video Rebel has been designed to take the mystery and headaches out of adding high-quality video to your website. Specifically, it solves the 3 biggest problems people face:

1Make it simple. Manually preparing videos for the web and adding them to your website is not easy. But with Video Rebel, all of the hard stuff is automated. You just click a button to upload your videos. Then paste the embed code it gives you into your site. Simple, huh?

2Make it cheap. One of the great advantages of doing things yourself is that you can use inexpensive, pay-as-you-go services for your videos, like hosting your videos with Amazon S3. And Video Rebel has been built with exactly that in mind. It integrates seamlessly with cloud services like Amazon S3, saving you a fortune on video costs.

3Maintain control. With online video platforms, your videos will disappear if you stop paying them or if you violate their terms of service. You never need to worry about that with Video Rebel. It installs and runs on your own website and you can host your videos wherever you want (like Amazon S3). Your videos are never held hostage. Video Rebel gives you total control.

But there is some bad news. Video Rebel won’t make you rich overnight or flood your website with traffic. If you are looking for those gimmicks, you’ll be out of luck. But here’s a closer look at what Video Rebel will give you:


Mobile Device Ready

Video Rebel makes sure your videos automatically play on both the web and mobile devices, like the iPad and iPhone. There’s no guesswork for you, it’s all automatic.

Amazon S3 Friendly

Lots of people like to host their videos on Amazon S3 or S3 with Cloudfront. Video Rebel has been built with exactly that in mind, seamlessly integrating with Amazon S3.

Video Stats Optional

Want professional video analytics? Now you can have them. Video Rebel integrates with Tubemogul’s InPlay service. You just need an InPlay account (it’s 100% free).

Multi Skin Player

With Video Rebel you can match the look of the video player with the look of your site. There are 5 different player skins to choose from or you can create your own.

Video Sharing

A widget can appear in the video player so your videos can easily be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and more. Don’t want to share your videos? Just turn sharing off.

Multi Video Conversion

You can upload a single video and have it converted into multiple video formats at once. Or upload multiple videos and have them converted to multiple formats at once.

Multi User Ready

Have more than 1 person in your business? No problem. With Video Rebel you can create as many user accounts as you want. Everyone’s videos are kept separate.

Watermark Videos

You can optionally have Video Rebel burn your own custom watermark directly into your videos. This adds security against illegal downloads or screen recordings.

Total Control

Video Rebel installs on your own domain. Your videos are hosted on your own Amazon S3 account or any CDN of your choosing. No one can take your videos down but you.

Training and Support

Video Rebel has been designed to be easy to use. But we still include step by step video training lessons, a searchable knowledge base, user forums and personal support whenever you need it.

100% White Label

Video Rebel is 100% completely white label. There is no branding whatsoever. Your viewers will never know that you’re using Video Rebel. They’ll just think your videos look great.

Total Technophobe?

Do words like FTP software, cPanel and MySQL terrify you? Don’t worry. If you’re a technophobe, we’ll even install Video Rebel on your website for you. For free. Cool huh?

But Video Rebel Is NOT For Sale

Want to try Video Rebel yourself? Want to see it in action? Want to buy it? Well, you can’t.

That’s because Video Rebel is only available to members of Web Video University. In fact, it’s TOTALLY FREE for member’s of Web Video University. Click the button below to learn more.