About Us
Who We Are and How Video Rebel Came To Be

Video Rebel is the brainchild of Dave Kaminski, founder of Web Video University. After working with thousands of independent web video producers across the world, it became clear that the biggest challenge web video producers face is adding their own videos to their own web sites.

While independent web video producers love the low cost and control that comes with cloud-based media services, they aren’t nearly as fond of the myriad of steps that must be taken to actually get a video online. Online video platforms (OVP’s) solve this issue, but their high month-to-month or annual prices leave many companies (who don’t have the budget for them) out in the cold.

So for over a year, Video Rebel was designed, developed, tested and tested some more as a hybrid solution to this glaring problem. The end result is a very unique piece of software that provides much of the same functionality found in expensive online video platforms, but while also allowing the user to enjoy the low cost and control available through cloud-based media solutions. And because it integrates with cloud-based solutions for all of the “heavy lifting”, Video Rebel can be installed and used on inexpensive shared hosting accounts.