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Do you have an affiliate program?

Do you accept payments through PayPal?

What do I need to use Video Rebel?

I understand I need an Amazon S3 and Zencoder account for Video Rebel. How much do these cost?

I'm still not sure how Video Rebel compares to other products or what it does

Can I host my videos on CDN's besides Amazon S3?

Is Video Rebel a plugin for WordPress?

Do I need to buy a new domain or web hosting account to use Video Rebel?

Can Video Rebel use encoding services other than Zencoder?

Can I use Video Rebel with Rackspace Cloud Files?

Are there any monthly recurring fees to use Video Rebel?

I'm not very technical. What type of support do you offer?

I have a bunch of videos already on the web. Can I import them into Video Rebel?

Can I use YouTube or Vimeo videos in Video Rebel?

Can I use my own video player or do I have to use the one that comes with Video Rebel?

Will you do custom modifications to Video Rebel for me?

Do you offer a free trial?

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Can I install Video Rebel on multiple domains?

Can I embed videos from Video Rebel in WordPress?

Does Video Rebel offer protection for my videos so people can't steal them?

Does Video Rebel let viewers leave comments, etc. like YouTube, Facebook, etc.